What is GEM?

GEM is a spatially consistent model of the Earth’s crust, from continents to oceans, from basement to basins. It provides a 4D view of the Earth, with detailed, structurally constrained, global plate reconstructions back to the Triassic. It provides a new view of global basins, defined and categorized geologically rather than geographically, and an innovative, predictive base to quickly understand and evaluate basin resources.

How to access GEM?

GEM is available via annual subscription, including consulting time and regular updates. Subsets of GEM are available, as well as GEM Movie Tickets.

Why GEM?

Traditional basin exploration follows a well-established pattern, incrementally stepping out from the known: ‘top-down’, ‘wells-out’ exploration dominated by 2D ‘section-view’ thinking first. This can result in a patchy, narrow understanding of basins where abundant ‘white space’ often remains even in mature basins. This is especially the case in data-poor areas.

By starting with a spatially consistent, bottom-up, map-view of global geology, GEM enables critical evaluation of traditional exploration data in a new light. It provides a predictive framework to understand basin resources, where traditional exploration data can be used to calibrate and refine an initial starting model.

By understanding the shape of a basin, the nature of its basement, the geological events that shaped it, and the way it was filled from the bottom-up, GEM helps to rapidly build new predictive views of basins and reduce exploration risk. Using GEM it is obvious why basins formed where they did, and how they have been modified subsequently.