What We Do

Imminent product releases

Our products provide a novel and powerful base to understand the most geologically complex regions on Earth. Effectively applied, they can significantly reduce exploration risk.

1. Geognostics Global Earth Model (GEM™)

  • Basement terranes and oceanic age polygons attributed by age, composition and character, including continent-ocean boundary zones and oceanic plateaux
  • Global plate model back to 200Ma. This is a ‘cherry-picked’, ‘fine-tuned’, ‘high-performance’ version of the best available public domain plate models
  • Available in PaleoGIS™ and GPLATES formats

2. Geognostics Gulf of Mexico Framework (GOMFRAME™)

  • Basement terranes, transitional crust, exhumed mantle and oceanic age polygons
  • Basement-involved structures + extension through time
  • Continent-ocean transitions
  • Fully spatially reconstructed back to 200Ma
  • Coming soon: paleogeographic maps at key time slices, depth to basement through time

3. SE Asian Framework (SEAFRAME™)

  • Present day interpretation of basement terranes, major structures and basins across the region, both onshore and offshore
  • New structurally constrained Earth model for SE Asia, built on the Geognostics Earth Model (GEM)
  • Full plate reconstruction back to Late Cretaceous, showing how basement and basins have evolved in the most complex tectonic setting on Earth
  • Coming later: paleogeographic maps correlated to wells and outcrop

4. Tethys Framework (TEFRAME™)

  • Full megaregional interpretation of the Tethyan Realm, from the Alps to the Himalayas, including
    the Black Sea
  • Basement terranes, major structures, basin location and type.
  • Internally consistent, geologically constrained plate tectonic model that explains basin formation
    and inversion