What We Do

We design projects around your needs.

We leverage the Geognostics Earth Model to rapidly and effectively understand geology.

Here are some examples of what we do:

Regional interpretation of crustal framework, structural fairways and basin setting

  • Start with the Geognostics Earth Model (GEM™)
  • Map-view interpretation of regional structural framework, crustal domains and type, igneous features and key sediment depocentres
  • Calibration to seismic, wells, and clients’ existing interpretations
  • Interpretation of key depocentres, source kitchens, sediment input points, fluid focus areas and trap fairways
  • Full integration of results into clients’ exploration programme, aiming to generate new play concepts and reduce exploration risk

Animated, structurally constrained plate tectonic models tailored to include your exploration data and maps

  • Movies available in key areas of Earth complexity, for example:
    • SE Asia
    • Mediterranean/Black Sea/Tethys
    • Caribbean/Gulf of Mexico
    • South, Equatorial, Central & North Atlantic
    • Arctic
  • Structural framework through time
  • Extended margin restoration
  • Reconstruction of conjugate margin data and plays

Depth to basement maps, especially where data is poor

  • Hand-sculpted, intelligent basement surface maps using Geognostics’ proprietary workflow
  • Incorporates all available basement and structural data, appropriately error-weighted in the gridding process (e.g. wells, outcrops, seismic, magnetic source depths, gravity etc)
  • Builds on Geognostics Structural Framework Study and Geognostics Earth Model
  • Fully incorporated into clients’ seismic mapping and basin modelling programmes

We offer a one-stop shop for all your traditional exploration needs leveraging the Geognostics Earth Model (GEM) to add value

  • Integrated seismic + well interpretation
  • GDE mapping
  • Play-based exploration
  • Basin modeling

Understanding structures in shallow basins

  • Require very high resolution aeromagnetic data
  • Proprietary enhancement processing to image fractures in top ~3km of basin
  • Integration with seismic, surface geology, and geographical/cultural data
  • Interpretation of fracture fairways and igneous features to produce structural risk maps
  • Cost-effective way of de-risking basin exploration and development activities, such as:
    • Conventional reservoir and seal integrity
    • Shallow unconventional plays
    • Coal-bed methane fairways
    • Longwall coal mine development
  • 0.5-3 day workshops with exploration teams, designed to polarize exploration risk and generate new play concepts
  • Useful in frontier and mature basins alike
  • Capacitation and motivation of exploration teams