What We Do

We are a team of geoscientists.

We consult across the oil and gas, groundwater and geothermal energy sectors.

We believe that a holistic understanding of the Earth is critical for exploration success.

Traditional basin exploration follows a well-established pattern:

  • Incrementally steps out from the known: ‘top-down’, ‘wells-out’ exploration dominated by 2D ‘section-view’ thinking first, and map + 3D understanding as an optional, derivative product
  • This can result in a patchy, narrow understanding of basins where abundant ‘white space’ remains, even in mature basins. This is especially the case in data-poor areas.

The Geognostics approach:

  • We start with the Geognostics Earth Model (GEM™) to predict basin framework and history from the bottom-up.
  • Then build a regional map-view interpretation of the basins in question, and use this to build a section-view + 3D understanding – this is the most efficient and effective way to understand ‘white space’ in basins
  • By understanding the shape of a basin, the nature of its basement, the geological events that shaped it, and the way it was filled from the bottom-up, we can rapidly build new predictive views of basins and reduce exploration risk