Who we are

We are a team of geoscientists.

We have a unique approach to understanding the Earth via the Geognostics Earth Model.

DataCo leadership team
Jon Teasdale, PhD

    Managing Director
    Chief Geologist

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    DataCo leadership team
    Henri Tykoezinski

      Director of Geognostics
      CEO of DataCo

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      DataCo leadership team
      Janet English

        Director of Geognostics & Company Secretary

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        We use this to help our clients find basin resources, from oil to groundwater, from gas to geothermal energy.

        We believe that:

        • ‘Out of the box’ lateral thinking is a key to solving long-standing geological problems and providing ‘new’ views of ‘old’ areas
        • Many geological tools, especially non-seismic, are vastly under-utilized in exploration
        • Although traditional seismic- and well-based exploration is essential, it is often slow and used inefficiently – we aim to redress this in our projects
        • A ‘bottom-up’, ‘scale-down’ view of basins, starting with the Geognostics Earth Model (GEM™), is the most effective way to understand exploration ‘white space’ in both mature and frontier basins

        We are a UK-registered company with multi-national presence and work anywhere in the World.

        We are part of the DataCo group of companies

        Our Clients

        Our approach and workflows are relevant for any group that needs to understand geology.
        We work with companies of all sizes across several market sectors, as well as governments, geological surveys and NGOs:

        • Conventional oil and gas exploration
        • Unconventional oil and gas exploration
        • Mineral exploration
        • Geothermal energy
        • Groundwater
        • Education

        DataCo - Data and Information ManagementGeoRes - Subsurface Analysis and Evaluation